Close-out Chainmail Creations

Limited stock items that we are no longer creating.
NOTE: Color and sizing may not match the picture. Read the description for further information.

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Gold-tone Crystalweave Headdress shown w/Hexmaile Armlet Jewelry + Harem Dancer Hand-Star
Price: $184.00
Item #: H15 -

CLOSEOUT ITEM! This unique fantasy coif is a metal creation fashioned to suit faerie folk to warrior princesses. This headpiece is made of an unusual combination of chainmail weaves, which become an intricate web continuing past shoulder blade level and ending in points which are fashioned to lead into longer hair beautifully. Shining fire polished beads, partnered with smaller ones with an ethereal aurora borealis sheen, frame the face beautifully and continue around the entire headpiece....

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Price: $199.00
Item #: E90 -

CLOSEOUT SPECIAL! Limited availability. This tank top is a very attractive shirt design handcrafted in galvanized steel with black metal beads. Tight-woven shoulder pieces allow for comfortable weight distribution and add an air of ancient Rome. Wear it with or without a shirt underneath. This item fits from small to large t-shirt sizes and is made in such a way to allow for expansion around the stomach area.

Silver-tone Hexmaile Chain Harness
Price: $105.00
Item #: H70 -

CLOSEOUT ITEM! This halter style harness really incites the imagination with its exotic looks. It is enchanting when worn on top of clothing and is downright captivating upon bare skin. In this beautiful, original chainmail top, our Hexmaile weave extends from the neckline, and branches of maile diamonds surround the chest in a way that really draws the eye. The beautiful chain of diamond shapes continues around the back and hooks with a small snap-hook. Handcrafted in galvanized steel...

Hexmaile Chainmail Belt in steel w/Wayfarer jewelry
Price: $105.00
Item #: H50 -

CLOSEOUT! Brass option is very limited. This loincloth style belt looks great with jeans, leggings or by itself. It is a must-have accessory for Renaissance Faires, warrior outfits and even clubwear. Both elongated triangles, front and back, are formed of our own trademark combination of hexagonal chainmaille on a European weave base. At the sides, our maille diamonds alternate with larger rings, attractively providing many attachment points for the snap-hooks, allowing for a perfect fit for...

ShadowPoint Dancer Belt in brass shown with matching halter top
Price: $80.00
Item #: T40 -

CLOSEOUT ITEM! A unique fashion belt with an enchanting, body flattering shape. This waist and hip adornment is an incredible look whether for modern wear, cyber-goth or harem dancer costume. The front tapers inward to a point and is ornamented with garnet colored points and shiny chains and reflective drop-shaped discs. The similarly decorated back has it's own distinct shape, with three unusual daggs set to enhance the curves. The longer, center tail has a slight, enticing swish as you move....

ShadowPoint Halter Top in silver-tone shown w/ShadowPoint Dancer Belt, Raven Headpiece and Danae Armband
Price: $120.00
Item #: T50 -

CLOSEOUT ITEM! This incredible top can add a great cyberpunk/apocalyptic look to many types of outfits. It also looks fantastic when worn over a corset, which is perfect for steampunk wear. The upper chainmail portion is set over a sturdy structure of steel chain and slightly overlaps the lower portion with a three-dimensional appearance which enhances the look of one's chest. The bottom drape tucks up under the breasts, shaped both to draw attention to them while minimizing the stomach. The...

Purple WebArt Head-piece shown w/WebArt Neck Jewelry + Hand Bracelet
Price: $145.00
Item #: W30 -

CLOSEOUT ITEM! Very limited available colors. An artistic colorful spiderweb of chains and crystalline drops headware costume accessory. This gorgeous design would really be something else for a night on the town. The bright chains and beads create the most eye catching effects when worn with harem and belly dancing costumes. The back side of this web comes down to mid-length (below the shoulder blades) and is well adorned with fancy drops made of fire polished and Hematite beads. Gold-tone...