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Raven slave anklet & slave bracelet
Raven slave anklet & slave bracelet

Meaning "Princess", this line is ornate and feminine, with lots of bright fire polished beads. Of our lines, this one is the most popular for belly dancing, medieval and renaissance fair wear. These designs are available in silvery steel, lightweight aluminum and gold-tone brass. Amira and Crystalweave items work together flawlessly.

Bright, diamond-cut anodized aluminum chain in all sorts of bright colors are often mixed with metal beads in nickel, black or brass. This line has jewelry out of fantasy and full of imagination, complete with dragons, dolphins and princesses. These creations are often worn with items from the Crystal line.

These charming designs are made to order in sparkling, colorful chain and your choice of real Austrian crystals or semi-precious stones. Where chain-mail is present, it is available in silvery steel, lightweight aluminum and gold-tone brass. See our Colorful line for great matches to these.

The flowery, ethereal air of these flowing designs bring to mind tales of the eternal beauty of the elven folk of legend. This fashion line is created of lacy metal weaves and faerie-like, crystalline drops consisting of faceted beads in the color of your choice paired with smaller beads which have the multi-hued coating of aurora borealis. This jewelry is popular with fans of medieval and renaissance fairs and are usually available in your choice of silver-tone steel or aluminum, or golden brass. These items go great with those of the Amira line.

A collection of some of our signature pieces in our Steel-lace and Danae styles which flatter steampunk wear with their antique-looking dark gunmetal rings. These accessories are unique handcrafted chainmail designs available in gold-tone as well as silver-tone metal which are brought out wonderfully with the antique look of the larger gunmetal rings. Steel Dark-Ring items also go very well with the Raven fashion line.

These rich and elaborate designs are made with flowing waves of light catching, nickel-plated chain, along with shiny nickel-plated rings. Each piece features our own original Celtic knotwork-like diamond shapes in steel links.

Belly dancer, fairy and even gothic styles forged into modern creations, this fashion line is original to its core. Chainmail meshes with progressively shaded hand-chained jewels combining into light catching chains to create a bewitching display. Available in blue-ice (shades of cobalt and sapphire blues) and dark-fire (black into garnet to ruby red) colors. The shiny chains and connector rings are imitation Rhodium plated. Ice-Flame items go well with Amira and Crystalweave choices in a similar color.

For aOur straightforward chainmail line has innovative designs without all the bright crystals, beads or colored chains. This line goes great with everything, of course. :)

For the goth at heart, this line's trademark is black anodized chain, steel chainmail, and Hematite drops. Each piece has it's own darkly elegant personality. Raven items go great with black WebArt and Colorful pieces.

Our cyber-punk style fashion line is crafted in silver and black or gold and black with garnet points to add a dark touch of color. It was designed with gothic styles in mind as it's made to look it's best on black clothing. Reflective bits are often added within the chainmail to make a little extra flash in firelight or at clubs. The chainmail portions are made from steel or brass wire, with parts to match. These items look great with the Raven fashion line.

This incredible line utilizes scales of shiny metal leaves with the overall chainmail structure. This line is designed to be warrior-like in nature while also excelling at emphasizing feminine curves. The shiny leaves create a unique look whether used in a scale-mail type of style or used to accent our unusual chainmail weaves. These items go very well together with the Maile and Diamond fashion lines.

Delightful webs, handwoven in colorful chain and matching fancy bead drops, these creations are of unsurpassed beauty and originality. Artfully designed so that both the fire polished beads and the anodized aluminum chain work together to create the color while the smaller Hematite beads enhance it. Black WebArt items are elegantly gothic and work very naturally with any items in the Raven fashion line. The brighter colors combine well with our Colorful line creations.