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    An easy way to dress up your plain jacket without the permanence of paint, rivets or studs! This metal shoulder chain creation quickly and easily wraps your upper arm in a lightweight cage of maille. It is designed to slip onto any jacket or clothing sporting a standard epaulet though some customers have told us they just safety-pinned it onto a shirt for costuming events. The unique design drapes the upper arm in an unusual web of metal The entire bottom edge of the Valkyrie points option is bristling with the metal leaves and eye-catching, hammered spearheads. For a very different look, this jacket maille is optionally available with gleaming Hematite drops and hearts.

    This innovative jacket-chains design doesn't require specific sizing. Each set of chains is made to fit any upper arm size, with excess chain used as further decoration. Unlike other methods of decorating a jacket, it can be quickly removed should a more conservative appearance be desired - just undo the epaulet and slide the maille right off. This item is made and sold individually but are sometimes worn in pairs.