Crystal™ Chainmaille Line

Charming jewelry designs handmade to order in sparkling, colorful chain and your choice of real Austrian crystals or semi-precious stones. Where chainmail is present, it is available in silvery steel, lightweight aluminum and gold-tone brass. See our Colorful line for great matches to these.

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Crystal belly chain shown in gold-tone chain w/black Austrian crystal
Price: $19.00
Item #: D50 -

A simple belly chain that's big on looks. We handcraft our Crystal Belly Chain to order in your choice of bright chain colors and semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals. We've been making this style for over 15 years, and they are still in high demand. Our time tested design attaches by slipping the teardrop through the loop and wrapping or tying it as creatively as you wish. As an added feature, it is easily slipped through belly jewelry navel rings. By special request, we can make this...

Crystal coronet in steel shown w/Mother of Pearl
Price: $42.00
Item #: Q20 -

This incredible headpiece is lovely as a wedding adornment but just as popular in more casual settings to add a touch of medieval elegance to less formal outfits or costumes. The front is adorned with your choice of semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals upon fluted teardrops. Those drops, the slim chains to either side and the larger rings are silver or gold tone to go with your choice of metal. Available metals are golden brass or the silver finish of steel and aluminum. Made to be fully...

Comet earring shown w/cuff, Purple Austrian crystals & chains
Price: $30.50
Item #: J20 -

This is one of our very first ear cuff earring designs and is often compared to the Bajoran earrings which made an appearance shortly after. Three colorful chains trail from a sterling silver ear cuff to a drop-shaped loop in this unique earring creation. A semi-precious stone or Austrian crystal adorns each chain, and another rests upon the metal teardrop which hangs within the dangling loop. The metal teardrop is fluted for a rich look as it flashes in the light. We individually handcraft...

Double-pierced w/upper-stud, Black onyx
Retail: $29.50
Price: $26.45
Item #: J15 -

This unique earring is handcrafted to order with your choice of semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals which trail from an upper-stud or sterling silver ear cuff to an ear-clip or ear-post (or two or even three). Depending on your bead choice, this earcuff (or upper-pierced) earring can look darkly gothic or crystalline delicate. We designed it before Bajoran earrings appeared on TV, one of our first earcuff earrings designs and still a favorite. This ear jewelry automatically comes with a...