Locking anklet w/Wayfarer bracelet
  • Locking anklet w/Wayfarer bracelet
  • Locking anklet w/Wayfarer bracelet
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    This unique lockable anklet is attractive without being ostentatious. It is popular for casual, costume and BDSM wear, Reminiscent of old fashioned manacles, the doubled steel chain also allows adjustable placement for the included light-weight lock. The ends and center of the anklet flare slightly at larger nickel-plated rings, adding an additional artistic touch to the overall design. This anklet is shown with a Wayfarer Chainmail Bracelet.
    Please note that our mailorder jewelry creations are fashion items and not meant for continuous wear.
    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    customized my locking anklet

    and am very happy with the work. i haven't worn it out yet, as i just got it out of the mail, but am sure it will garner the same positive response as my "lock-et". looking forward to wearing it over a pair of boots as well, quite a statement piece.