Crystalweave™ Faerie Chainmaille

The flowery, ethereal air of these flowing designs bring to mind tales of the eternal beauty of the elven folk of legend. This fashion line is created of lacy metal weaves and faerie-like, crystalline drops consisting of faceted beads in the color of your choice paired with smaller beads which have the multi-hued coating of aurora borealis. This jewelry is popular with fans of medieval and renaissance fairs and are usually available in your choice of silver-tone steel or aluminum, or golden brass. These items go great with those of the Amira line.

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Crystalweave bikini top shown w/jet beads
Price: $190.00
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Item #: C14 -

This chainmail halter bikini top is hung with an airy, web-like drape in elvish-style. The comfortable metal top is lightweight, yet strong, reminiscent of the legendary magical elven maille. The shape of this top accents the chest area while slimming the midriff. The web glitters with sets of fire polished beads, with your choice of color combined with smaller ones with the faerie-like glimmer of crystal aurora borealis color. Now optionally available with little bells instead of beads to add...

Crystalweave belt shown w/Crystalweave Necklace & Slave Bracelet
Price: $49.00
Item #: P27 -

This unusual waist chain belt with its web-like front is a gorgeous chainmail accessory which goes with any number of outfit styles including Renaissance weddings, medieval costumes, and harem pants. Yet it also looks incredible with modern dresses, skirts and leggings. It can be worn draped low on the hips as well as straight across the waist. The enchanting front is dripping with fancy drops of combined fire polished beads. Instead of beads this belt is optionally available with pretty...

Crystalweave Faerie anklet shown w/emerald green beads
Price: $19.00
Item #: L90 -

Enhance your style with this enchanting anklet. Handcrafted with intricate steel links woven into a delicate, faerie-inspired design of chainmaille flowers and adorned with exquisite fire-polished Czech glass beads that shimmer like dew drops in the morning sun. Perfect for pairing with sandals, shoes, or even bare feet, this anklet adds a touch of whimsy to any outfit. It's also great for belly dancers, as the faceted beads create a beautiful effect with movement. Made with larger beads in...

Crystalweave chain mail g-string shown w/clear AB beads
Price: $135.00
Item #: L85 -

This feminine design is a deluxe style g-string dripping with fire polished beads, each combined with shimmery crystal aurora borealis ones of a smaller size. The optionsl little bells do not come with any beads but are have a great sound for being so tiny. The back of this g-string features a chain of flowery maille with a drape of Japanese style chainmail. The shining beads or bells both fringe the edge and are sprinkled within the piece itself. As with all of our gstring designs, the...

Crystalweave necklace shown in alumium w/jet black beads
Price: $39.00
Item #: L60 -

This chainmail necklace and earring jewelry pieces add a dreamy look to any clothing, whether Renaissance lady, tavern wench costume, modern dinner party outfit, or for club wear. This lacy web-like necklace design drips with firepolished beads. It flows from our original floral maille weave - the base of our Crystalweave designs. The matching earring flowers are also available separately. They are available in steel, shiny aluminum and gold-tone brass. The beads, in your choice of color, are...

Crystalweave nipple jewelry shown in aluminum w/sapphire blue beads
Price: $32.00
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Item #: P10 -

This unique nipple jewelry creation of a web-like lattice of chainmaille is dripping with lacy, ethereal beauty and colorful fire polished beads. The style is very faery-like and is now optionally available with pretty little bells in place of the faceted glass beads to create a delightful sound. Shown with sapphire blue beads. Other view shows it made with little bell option. This nipple chain is usually made with non-pierced nooses for use without piercings but is optionally available for...

Crystalweave slave bracelet shown w/amethyst purple beads
Price: $17.00
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Item #: P37 -

This delightful hand flower slave bracelet features faceted beads in a color of your choice surrounding a flower of chainmail all above a pretty, chainmail wristlet. It's more intricate than typical wrist to finger slave bracelets and less bulky than our other handflowers or most bellydance hand covers. The fire polished, Czech beads in your choice of color are combined with smaller ones of crystal aurora borealis (clear with reflective ghosts of color). This handpiece fits from 6"-8½" wrists....