Belly Chains & Waist Jewelry Belts

Our belly chains and waist chain jewelry belts are fully adjustable up to the size listed since chain-mail has no lack of rings which can be hooked onto. The slim belly chains tie attractively, but we can add a hook at your request.

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Amira waistchain shown w/clear AB beads and Amira Bodyjewelry
Price: $42.00
Item #: P20 -

This waist chain jewelry looks as good when worn on clothing as it does on bare skin. The decorative chainmail front of this waist belly chain features a beautiful fringe of sparkling fire polished beads or shiny bells. The chain in back makes it fall just right on skin so it's a perfect accessory for summer and dance outfits, but it has just enough weight that it looks fabulous over clothing items making it more elaborate and versatile than our thinner belly chains. The standard size is...

Crystal belly chain shown in gold-tone chain w/black Austrian crystal
Price: $18.50
Item #: D50 -

A simple belly chain that's big on looks. We handcraft our Crystal Belly Chain to order in your choice of bright chain colors and semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals. This style was one of our first and most popular designs even way back in 1992. Our time tested design attaches by slipping the shiny, fluted teardrop through the loop and wrapping or tying it as creatively as you wish. As an added feature, it is easily slipped through belly jewelry navel rings. We can make this belly chain...

Crystalweave belt shown w/Crystalweave Necklace & Slave Bracelet
Price: $49.00
Item #: P27 -

This unusual waist chain belt with its web-like front is a gorgeous chainmail accessory which goes with any number of outfit styles including Renaissance weddings, medieval costumes, and harem pants. Yet it also looks incredible with modern dresses, skirts and leggings. It can be worn draped low on the hips as well as straight across the waist. The enchanting front is dripping with fancy drops of combined fire polished beads. Instead of beads this belt is optionally available with pretty...

Amira Firebead bellychain w/sapphire blue beads
Price: $15.50
Item #: D55 -

Our Firebead Belly-Chain is a sexy accessory for wear with anything from crop tops through belly dance outfits. This body jewelry chain is also popularly worn by threading through a navel piercing (belly) ring. This slim, attractive belly chain is part of our Amira line and made with silver-tone or gold-tone chain and with faceted glass fire polished beads sparkling along it's length. It is worn by passing the end bead through the ring and wrapping or tying the chain creatively back upon...

Ice-Flame belly chain shown in blue-ice
Price: $49.00
Item #: V45 -

The Ice-Flame Belly Chain Jewelry is a unique fantasy waist chain. Its ornate look is great from elegant gothic fairy to bright belly dance style. The sparkling central jewelry design contains light-catching fire polished bead arrangements, each with a blend of either soft blue colors (blue-ice) or the dark mix from ruby red to garnet to black (dark-fire). Little bells are distributed throughout the design, giving off a pretty sound without being overly distracting. This centerpiece extends...

Ice-Flame body chain in blue-ice w/matching arm bands
Price: $65.00
Item #: V40 -

Red dark-fire color available by special request only. This unique and exciting harem body chain is a fairy-like creation which is sure to get noticed. The unusual neck to belly chain jewelry features a progression of color shades formed of individually set fire polished beads. From there, graceful lengths of shiny chains branch into tiered drapes with triad sets of beads suspending faceted drops. The sultry dark-fire colors rise from black to deep garnet to ruby red and blue-ice shifts...

Valkyrie scale belt w/Valkyrie Chainmail top
Price: $120.00
Item #: B40 -

A warrior look which is as perfect for belly dance costumes as it is a night out at the club. Breathtaking scale-mail appearance of the front sides frames the tiered chains strung with shiny dangles. The overall design is meant to complement the female form. The back length is hung with overlapping scales designed to enhance while still being comfortable for sitting. The many steel scales do not make for quiet hip shimmies, but that's what we were going for :). This waist adornment has an...

WebArt waist chain in silver-tone w/Steel-lace choker
Price: $44.00
Item #: W45 -

An exquisite belly dance harem-style waist jewelry chain which features an ornate front piece made of fire polished and hematite beads. Its a lovely Renaissance Faire costume accessory but is also popular for fancy dress outfits and to adorn casual ones. The drapes of chains in your choice of color intertwine their way along the belt leading to the beautiful centerpiece of matching faceted beads. Gold-tone and silver-tone belts are made with beautiful crystal aurora borealis beads. It can be...