Raven™ Gothic Chainmaille

For the goth at heart, this line's trademark is black anodized chain, steel chainmail, and Hematite drops. Each piece has it's own darkly elegant personality. Raven items go great with black WebArt and Colorful pieces.

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Triple-pierced style w/cuff, Black points
Price: $32.50
Item #: J70 -

Going for a pirate or punk look? This ear cuff, or multi-pierced, earring is popular with both men and women and is great when you want a dangerous, dark gothic flare to your style or just as a quick Halloween accessory. Black chain sweeps down from a cuff or upper-stud from which dangles a pewter blade. The basic design of this earring for single and non-pierced lobes features a single strand leading down to a black glass point or optional skull. The chain branches into 2 or 3 chains when for...

Raven arm band w/Raven headpiece & Raven necklace
Price: $23.00
Item #: Q60 -

This metal armband jewelry is a very fashionable accessory with it's black anodized chains and larger gunmetal rings. The chainmail itself is beautifully shaped and accented by the Hematite teardrop hanging down from the center. Our armbands are great for a night of dancing (bellydance or otherwise) as well as other athletic activities because they move with the arm instead of slipping. The standard size is adjustable from 9"-12" and large from 12"-15". Our Raven Arm Jewelry is shown with a...

Raven Barefoot Sandal slave anklet w/Raven slave bracelet
Price: $35.00
Item #: M30 -

This lovely bare foot sandal slave anklet makes a wonderful addition to any wardrobe, be it for dancer, gothic or casual barefoot wear. An elegant band of steel chain-mail collars the ankle, with one portion shifting into our trademark diamond shapes which branch off toward the toes. Black anodized chains fall smoothly across the top of the foot in this unusual and lovely anklet design. Foot jewelry like this is sometimes referred to as slave anklets or barefoot sandals. It may be worn singly,...

Raven chain mail metal g-string
Price: $165.00
Item #: K50 -

This exotic g-string design is as alluring as it is unique. It has a gothic theme, with black anodized chains and sleek steel chainmail centering on a Hematite teardrop which teasingly draws the eye. The back is just as unusual with its graceful chainmail shapes and a flattering double drape of chain. The straps are plush and very stretchy, providing a comfortable fit up to a 40" waist. Shown with an Amira Chainmaille Head Band and Raven Slave Ensemble featuring Raven Neck to Nipple Chains. ...

Raven headpiece
Price: $27.50
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Item #: P72 -

Our Raven Gothic Headpiece design is a beautiful chainmaille headband with a comfortable strap that ensures a perfect and comfortable fit for all sizes. It feature a lovely hematite teardrop complemented by drapes of black anodized chain. Like all of our headbands, it can also be lowered to rest around the neck, instantaneously converting it into a lovely necklace. The second view is shown with Raven Arm Jewelry and a Raven Gothic Necklace. ...

Raven Gothic necklace w/Raven headpiece and arm bands
Price: $35.00
Item #: K20 -

Extremely popular, especially among gothic or medieval fans, this darkly elegant necklace is made with a hematite teardrop, steel chainmaille, black anodized chains, and gunmetal rings. We make our Raven Gothic Necklace to rest at a perfect angle along the base of the neck with the chains and teardrop drawing the eye downward. This effect is exceptional with any amount of cleavage. With an overall length of 21", this necklace comfortably fits necks up to 18" but adjusts easily to fit 12" or...

Raven nipple chain w/Colorful headdress & Raven necklace, armbands, slave bracelets
Price: $33.00
Item #: D92 -

This chest adornment will add a touch of dark mystery to your ensemble. Attach directly on nipples with our original nipple nooses or use with existing piercing jewelry and/or favorite clamps with the dark elegance of black chains and Hematite. This creation makes great fantasy and exotic dance wear. We handcraft this jewelry with our original non-piercing nipple nooses unless sister-hooks or mini-clips (tiny clips which can grasp onto jewelry, clamps or fabric) are preferred. Please see our...

Raven neck to nipple decoration w/Raven arm bands & slave bracelets, Amira headband
Price: $55.00
Item #: R90 -

This is a sexy decoration to attach to either non-pierced and pierced nipples. Our all-original gothic neck to nipple combination jewelry is handcrafted in chain mail with black anodized chains and Hematite teardrops. The neckchain is made extra long so that the second Hematite drop will hang tantalizingly down the back. This is a single piece which runs from necklace to nipples. This extremely popular jewelry design may now be ordered as part of our Raven Slave Ensemble. It is shown here with...

Raven slave bracelet w/Raven slave anklet
Price: $23.00
Item #: P32 -

This slave bracelet is a simply elegant design of a style extremely popular for casual wear as well as belly dance and gothic outfits. It features dark, gleaming hematite beads and gun metal finished rings with a slim length of chain which loops over a finger. Black anodized chain angles away from the center diamond, following the angle of the steel chainmail wristpiece. This item fits from 6"-8½" wrists. Shown with a Raven Barefoot Sandal. The other picture shows the Raven Slave Bracelet as...

Raven slave ensemble w/Amira chainmail headband
Price: $145.00
Item #: Q62 -

This body chain set contains 3 of our popular gothic Raven designs. All may be connected with the shiny black anodized chain or worn separately. This body chain set includes 9 different items! That's 5 handcrafted jewelry pieces plus 4 18" connection chains: (1) Raven Gothic Necklace (or Raven Neck to Nipple Chains) (2) Raven arm bands (2) Raven slave bracelets (4) 18" connection chains of shiny black anodized aluminium. The Raven Neck to Nipple Chains are now available as an optional...