Maille™ Chainmaille Jewelry

Our straightforward Maille line has innovative chainmail jewelry and fashion designs without all the bright crystals, beads or colored chains. This line goes great with everything, of course. :).

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Chainmail bikini top shown w/Crystal coronet, Shadowpoint body chains, & Colorful handpiece
Price: $170.00
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Item #: C10 -

We have the reputation of creating the most comfortable chainmail bikini tops available since 1992. Our classic metal tops can even be worn for swimming and sunbathing (no, they don't leave weird tan lines). Each top is crafted with between 1500 and 2000 small links, each of which is interwoven into a tight enough weave to be street legal and not pinch. The 3 dimensional design and luxurious, custom sewn straps of heavyweight spandex provide the ultimate in metal bikini comfort. As she places...

Chain mail necktie handcrafted in aluminum
Price: $44.00
Item #: A20 -

The perfect gift for that weekend warrior! We came up with this idea in 1992 and were shocked that no one had thought of a chainmail necktie before. It seemed an obvious male fashion statement while being small enough to keep the handcraft time within limits. It is made of shiny, lightweight aluminum for comfort, and the strap is made with high quality, soft leather and has a distinctive metal slide setup which allows full adjustability up to neck sizes of 20". The tie length of 18½" fits all...

Lock-et chain mail collar shown w/optional heart shaped lock
Price: $40.00
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Item #: E50 -

The captivating Lock-et Chain Mail Collar is made to work with a lock in a fashion similar to that of a choke-chain but with more control due to the unusual design. It is made with two chainmaille weaves to create a unique effect when the necklace is put on. This necklace features larger nickel-plated rings which are set attractively into the galvanized steel chainmail. A padlock, or similar device, is needed to secure it. This collar can come with a sturdy brass padlock with a black finish,...

Locking anklet w/Wayfarer bracelet
Price: $25.50
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Item #: G90 -

This unique lockable anklet is attractive without being ostentatious. It is popular for casual, costume and BDSM wear, Reminiscent of old fashioned manacles, the doubled steel chain also allows adjustable placement for the included light-weight lock. The ends and center of the anklet flare slightly at larger nickel-plated rings, adding an additional artistic touch to the overall design. This anklet is shown with a Wayfarer Chainmail Bracelet.Please note that our mailorder jewelry creations are...

Premium pre-cut aluminum rings, 1/4" ID
Price: $20.00
Item #: A50 -

Pre-cut links for chain-mail and jewelry making. We have always hand-cut our rings to our very specific requirements. However, we found a company willing and able to machine a precise flush cut with no annoying gap when closed. We are very specific about our rings. As artists, we hate working with saw-cut links and personally find them less comfortable to wear. Saw-cut either leaves a little gap to scratch and catch hair or clothing or else needs to be pushed together, distorting the shape and...

Snake slave collar w/black lock
Price: $43.00
Item #: G80 -

This lockable metal collar is very sturdy and especially popular with men. It is made of galvanized steel in a very tight weave with a snake-like feel but with one edge slightly flattened for resting against the skin. An "S" hook has been added to give a choice of wearing it with or without a padlock. This collar is available with a solid brass padlock with a black finish or may be upgraded to a nickel polished lock in heart shape or rectangular shape. locking Snake Chainmail Bracelet.-->...

Wayfarer chainmail bracelet w/Locking anklet
Price: $16.00
Item #: D75 -

The width and overall look in this chainmail bracelet reminds us of the sailors' woven bracelets. That's why we named it "Wayfarer". This simple band and distinctive weave, it is a favorite among men and women. It adjusts to fit from 6" to 8½" wrists and is available in steel, shiny aluminum and gold-tone brass. Displayed here with a Locking Maille Anklet. Also see the matching Wayfarer Chainmaille Choker. ...

Steel Wayfarer choker w/optional D-ring
Price: $27.50
Item #: D70 -

The distinctive chainmail weave of this metal choker makes it a classy accessory, but you’ll keep coming back to it for casual wear. It's a very popular style with both men and women. An optional shiny, solid D-ring woven into the front is available if you'd like an attachment point or just a more interesting look. Fits from a 12"-18" neck. Main view shows it with the D-ring option along with the matching Wayfarer Chainmail Bracelet and arm bands and a Colorful Slave Bracelet handpiece. ...

Deluxe Womens chainmail g-string in metal
Price: $100.00
Item #: F72 -

What fetish wardrobe is complete without the iconic metal g-string? Our deluxe women's Chainmaille G-string is the quintessential metal bottom handcrafted in tight-woven chainmail for comfort and opaqueness. Each link is individually checked for full closure and absence of burrs. The side and back straps are of sewn polyester braid with plenty of stretch to provide a very adjustable fit and even more comfort. Shown here with a -->Blacklock Waist Chain/a>--> and a Crystalweave Chain Bikini Top....