For Non-Pierced & Pierced Nipples

By popular request, we designed comfortable nooses (neese) for wear as nonpierced nipple jewelry. They slip over unpierced nipples and stay extremely well without hurting. Jewelry hooks or mini-clips should be chosen for use on piercing jewelry or clamps.

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Amira nipple jewelry shown w/mini-clips and iridescent purple
Price: $32.00
Item #: P17 -

Dress up even when undressed with this nipple decoration. Handcrafted with your choice of colorful fire polished beads or shiny nickel-plated bells suitable for any pony boy or girl. Choose nipple nooses for unpierced wear. To wear on clamp and piercing jewelry, we can make it with mini-clips or jewelry hooks. With the mini-clips, it may also be used as a belly drape by attaching to the lower edge of any bikini top. Please see our Attachment Options Info for more information. ...

Crystalweave nipple jewelry shown in aluminum w/sapphire blue beads
Price: $32.00
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Item #: P10 -

This unique nipple jewelry creation of a web-like lattice of chainmaille is dripping with lacy, ethereal beauty and colorful fire polished beads. The style is very faery-like and is now optionally available with pretty little bells in place of the faceted glass beads to create a delightful sound. Shown with sapphire blue beads. Other view shows it made with little bell option. This nipple chain is usually made with non-pierced nooses for use without piercings but is optionally available for...

Danae nipple chain in steel w/jewelry hooks
Price: $23.00
Item #: D90 -

Lovely chain-mail nipple decoration handwoven in your choice of steel, shiny aluminum or golden brass rings then accented with antique-looking gun metal rings. This was the first of our maille nipple decorations. It may be ordered with nipple nooses for unpierced wear or hook onto clamps or piercing rings with jewelry hooks or mini-clips. Should you wish the option of hanging something off of it, we'll add a handy little hook to the bottom ring at no charge, just mention it when you place your...

Danae nipple necklace set w/Diamond armlet
Price: $55.00
Item #: D95 -

This necklace and nipple chain combination entices the eyes to follow it downward. It can be worn under clothing with just how far it travels being your own personal secret. Our Danae Nipple Necklace Set may be worn in a set or each piece separately as a Danae Chainmail Necklace and a Danae Nipple Chain with it's own useful hook. The necklace has a 24" length overall to allow plenty of adjustment. Shown here with a Diamond Harem Slave Armlet. This item may be ordered with jewelry hooks,...

Diamond nipple chains
Price: $35.00
Item #: D94 -

This flowing nipple decoration is crafted of steel chainmaille diamonds and sleek nickel-plated chains and rings. They are made with nipple nooses for non-pierced wear but may also be ordered with sister-hooks or mini-clips for wear on clamps or piercing jewelry. This design was created for people wishing the same elements of the Diamond Nipple Collar Set in a simpler design (minus the collar and bells). Please see our Attachment Options Info for more information. ...

Ice-Flame necklace nipple chain in blue-ice
Price: $55.00
Item #: V30 -

This erotic neck to nipple jewelry is as enchanting as it is unique. Individually set beads in gradual shadings of color are chained together, leading from the collar piece down to a single faceted drop. Drapes of gleaming chains diverge from the sides meeting at triad sets with your choice of nipple connectors. The gothic look of dark-fire rises from black into deep garnet to bright ruby red while the vibrant blue-ice colors drop from dark cobalt blue through lovely sapphire blues to end in a...

Kaira Valkyrie Chest Jewelry with mini-clips
Retail: $33.00
Price: $27.50
Item #: B35 -

Embody confidence, elegance, and a touch of rebellious spirit with this Embody confidence, elegance, and a touch of rebellious spirit with this unique and eye-catching chest accessory jewelry. Our captivating Kaira Valkyrie Nipple Chest Jewelry is designed to make a bold statement. Experience the allure of this exotic accessory, adorned with spikes of gleaming metal Valkyrie feathers which catch and reflect light. Choose a base of classic galvanized steel or lightweight aluminum.For those who...

Raven nipple chain w/Colorful headdress & Raven necklace, armbands, slave bracelets
Price: $33.00
Item #: D92 -

This chest adornment will add a touch of dark mystery to your ensemble. Attach directly on nipples with our original nipple nooses or use with existing piercing jewelry and/or favorite clamps with the dark elegance of black chains and Hematite. This creation makes great fantasy and exotic dance wear. We handcraft this jewelry with our original non-piercing nipple nooses unless sister-hooks or mini-clips (tiny clips which can grasp onto jewelry, clamps or fabric) are preferred. Please see our...

Raven neck to nipple decoration w/Raven arm bands & slave bracelets, Amira headband
Price: $55.00
Item #: R90 -

This is a sexy decoration to attach to either non-pierced and pierced nipples. Our all-original gothic neck to nipple combination jewelry is handcrafted in chain mail with black anodized chains and Hematite teardrops. The neckchain is made extra long so that the second Hematite drop will hang tantalizingly down the back. This is a single piece which runs from necklace to nipples. This extremely popular jewelry design may now be ordered as part of our Raven Slave Ensemble. It is shown here with...

ShadowPoint locking collar set in brass
Price: $60.00
Item #: T67 -

This locking collar to nipple creation consists of a unique nipple chain and our beautiful ShadowPoint Locking Necklace. Wear it as a sexy secret on a night out. The necklace has a lovely Steampunk look and may be worn without the nipple chain. It has a hook so doesn't require the included lightweight lock in back. We will handcraft this in your choice of silver-tone steel or gold-tone brass. It fits to an 18" neck. When desired, just hook the nipple extension to the necklace's D-ring and slip...

Valkyrie neck to nipple chain
Price: $55.00
Item #: B30 -

Our Valkyrie Neck to Nipple Chain is a stunning, scale-mail like necklace and nipple chain combination. This sexy item begins with a scale-mail neckpiece which branches into a flattering double drape of chains leading to each nipple. The exotic, shiny leaves reflect light attractively and grab attention. We make this necklace to nipple jewelry with your choice of sister-hooks or mini-clips for wear on clamps or piercing jewelry or else with nipple nooses for non-pierced wear. View attachment...

Our original nipple chain jewelry also allows you to decorate already existing jewelry (healed piercings only) and/or favorite clamps. Both attractive and useful, the swinging weight on the nipples can add to the sensitivity without hurting. Nipple clamps and piercing jewelry are not included.
TIP: Even though these items are most popular for decorating body parts, they can easily be used on clothing or other accessories.