Diamond™ Chains Chainmaille

These rich and elaborate designs are made with flowing waves of light catching, nickel-plated chain, along with shiny nickel-plated rings. Each piece features our own original Celtic knotwork-like diamond shapes in steel links. We developed the chainmaile diamonds a way of setting our work apart. Sadly, they're now copied by those lacking imagination, but you'll never find these pieces featured in as well-integrated and creative designs.

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Diamond anklet, -12"
Price: $27.50
Item #: E27 -

Whether worn with bare feet or to draw the eye to those stunning shoes or sandals, this is an incredible accessory. It also makes an ideal ornament for dressing up plain boots. This original jewelry design encircles the ankle with chainmail diamond shapes, light catching nickel-plated chains, and shiny rings. Matching bells accent each diamond and create a lovely subdued sound if desired, but this jewelry may optionally be ordered without them. The main view shows the size up to 12". That size...

Diamond Celtic headband shown w/Diamond choker
Price: $29.50
Item #: P77 -

A Celtic knotwork style chainmail diamond rests upon the brow in this lovely headband. The centerpiece of a light-reflecting, metal bead is set with your choice of semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals. Sleek nickel-plated chain lengths weave their way along the sides to frame the face and accent the eyes. A stretchy woven cord provides a comfortable and very adjustable fit. The main picture is with Tiger eye beads, shown with our Diamond Chains Choker Necklace. The close-up shows the...

Diamond barefoot sandal
Price: $40.00
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Item #: T90 -

Our Diamond Chains Barefoot Sandal is an artfully sophisticated slave anklet design with light reflecting nickel-plated chains flowing gracefully along the foot. Hand-crafted chainmail shapes formed of metal wire give this slave anklet a unique appearance. We make this style to fit up to an 11" ankle. Our Diamond Barefoot Sandals are made and sold individually, but a discounted price for two is available in the options below.

Diamond choker necklace
Price: $38.00
Item #: P47 -

An artistic, Renaissance-inspired jewelry design, this gorgeous choker necklace is handmade with chainmail celtic-knot diamonds interspersed with shiny nickel-plated rings. It is draped in waves of sleek, shining chain which lead the eye downward, catching the light. This necklace adjusts to fit up to 18" necks. It is made to be worn as a choker but can also rest lower along the collar line to get the exact look you want.

Diamond nipple chains
Price: $35.00
Item #: D94 -

This flowing nipple decoration is crafted of steel chainmaille diamonds and sleek nickel-plated chains and rings. They are made with nipple nooses for non-pierced wear but may also be ordered with sister-hooks or mini-clips for wear on clamps or piercing jewelry. This design was created for people wishing the same elements of the Diamond Nipple Collar Set in a simpler design (minus the collar and bells). Please see our Attachment Options Info for more information. ...

Diamond slave armlet w/Amira necklace
Price: $35.00
Item #: S40 -

This wrist to arm jewelry is a unique combination of maille arm-band, bracelet and connection chain which adds an alluring touch to normal wear and enhances more elaborate attire. Arm to wrist jewelry is historically portrayed in harem attire. The chain-mail bracelet and arm band designs are beautifully handmade in graceful celtic knotwork-like diamond shapes alternating with shiny rings and may be worn with or without the included 18" connection chain. That sleek chain has a lobster clasp to...