Chainmail Thongs & G-strings

Our handwoven chain-mail g-strings and thongs are as comfortable as their fabric counterparts. They have standard g-string backs unless shown with more elaborate backs. The straps are very stretchy and durable for additional comfort and adjust-ability.

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Amira chain mail g-string shown w/ruby red beads
Price: $105.00
Item #: P60 -

This deluxe style chain mail g-string sports a fringe of shining fire polished beads. It's a fantastic look under sheer harem pants and a popular for exotic dancer costumes. Our g-strings are comfortable, with sewn straps of polyester braid and handwoven chainmaille which is smooth to the touch. The links sit close together, reflecting the light, so this item is not see-through while it is being worn. Second picture shows it with an Amira Chainmail Bikini Top and Amira Handflower Bracelet....

Crystalweave chain mail g-string shown w/clear AB beads
Price: $135.00
Item #: L85 -

This feminine design is a deluxe style g-string dripping with fire polished beads, each combined with shimmery crystal aurora borealis ones of a smaller size. The optionsl little bells do not come with any beads but are have a great sound for being so tiny. The back of this g-string features a chain of flowery maille with a drape of Japanese style chainmail. The shining beads or bells both fringe the edge and are sprinkled within the piece itself. As with all of our gstring designs, the...

Raven chain mail metal g-string
Price: $165.00
Item #: K50 -

This exotic g-string design is as alluring as it is unique. It has a gothic theme, with black anodized chains and sleek steel chainmail centering on a Hematite teardrop which teasingly draws the eye. The back is just as unusual with its graceful chainmail shapes and a flattering double drape of chain. The straps are plush and very stretchy, providing a comfortable fit up to a 40" waist. Shown with an Amira Chainmaille Head Band and Raven Slave Ensemble featuring Raven Neck to Nipple Chains. ...

Valkyrie chainmaille g-string & scale necklace
Price: $185.00
Item #: B20 -

Going for an amazon queen or flashy seductress look? This metal women's g-string is yet another of our unique chainmail designs, and as always, we put as much effort into the feel of the piece as we do its looks. The scale-mail style flap of shiny steel leaves is attached to one of our hand-linked chainmail g-strings. This design allows for the swishing, eye-catching movement of light over the scales while retaining the comfort which our work is so well known for. We've added wings of scales...

Deluxe Womens chainmail g-string in metal
Price: $100.00
Item #: F72 -

What fetish wardrobe is complete without the iconic metal g-string? Our deluxe women's Chainmaille G-string is the quintessential metal bottom handcrafted in tight-woven chainmail for comfort and opaqueness. Each link is individually checked for full closure and absence of burrs. The side and back straps are of sewn polyester braid with plenty of stretch to provide a very adjustable fit and even more comfort. Shown here with a -->Blacklock Waist Chain/a>--> and a Crystalweave Chain Bikini Top....