Dark-Ring™ Steampunk Styles

A collection of some of our signature pieces in our Steel-lace and Danae styles which flatter steampunk wear with their antique-looking dark gunmetal rings. These accessories are unique handcrafted chainmail designs available in gold-tone as well as silver-tone metal which are brought out wonderfully with the antique look of the larger gunmetal rings. Steel Dark-Ring items also go very well with the Raven fashion line.

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Blade chain mail choker close-up
Price: $31.00
Item #: S70 -

The uniquely elegant Blade Chainmail Choker design features two pewter sword blades bracketed with gleaming glass beads. The neck jewelry's unusual dark faerie look makes it an everyday favorite of the designer and creator. It is popular from Renaissance faires to vampire costumes. This choker/necklace may be draped at the base like a regular necklace but is made so it can also stay high on the neck without being so tight as to cut in with movement, in a similar fashion to our armband designs....

Danae nipple chain in steel w/jewelry hooks
Price: $23.00
Item #: D90 -

Lovely chain-mail nipple decoration handwoven in your choice of steel, shiny aluminum or golden brass rings then accented with antique-looking gun metal rings. This was the first of our maille nipple decorations. It may be ordered with nipple nooses for unpierced wear or hook onto clamps or piercing rings with jewelry hooks or mini-clips. Should you wish the option of hanging something off of it, we'll add a handy little hook to the bottom ring at no charge, just mention it when you place your...

Danae nipple necklace set w/Diamond armlet
Price: $55.00
Item #: D95 -

This necklace and nipple chain combination entices the eyes to follow it downward. It can be worn under clothing with just how far it travels being your own personal secret. Our Danae Nipple Necklace Set may be worn in a set or each piece separately as a Danae Chainmail Necklace and a Danae Nipple Chain with it's own useful hook. The necklace has a 24" length overall to allow plenty of adjustment. Shown here with a Diamond Harem Slave Armlet. This item may be ordered with jewelry hooks,...

Aluminum Danae necklace w/Colorful headdress, Raven armbands & slave bracelets
Price: $31.00
Item #: E10 -

Our most enduring and well-loved necklace design, our Danae Chainmail Necklace rests perfectly along the base of the neck. A diamond of maille along with dark gunmetal rings create a simply elegant effect and makes it a particularly lovely accessory for steampunk outfits. We craft the chainmail out of your choice of steel, aluminum, or gold-tone brass links. This Danae neckpiece is shown here with a Colorful Fantasy Chain Headdress, Raven Arm Band Jewelry and Raven Slave Bracelets. The Danae...

Spike Ear Cuff Earring with single lobe piercing and sterling silver earcuff
Price: $34.50
Item #: K90 -

This unusual earring features shiny spikes trailing along a chain of faceted black glass beads. It is a very popular for a gothic or punk look among both men and women. Its a fantastic, and quick, way to accessorize for Halloween as it can be ordered with clip-ons. The sterling ear cuff choice is for people without an upper-piercing. We also offer this earring with an upper-stud for a cartilage piercing instead of the earcuff for those people who do have an upper-pierced ear. This earring is...

Steel-lace arm band in brass w/Colorful handpiece
Price: $31.00
Item #: L35 -

Our Steel-lace arm band is a captivating design for both men and women, especially for a steampunk look. This style, which has long been a favorite as our Steel-lace choker, has now been refashioned for arm wear. Our customers tell us our arm bands are also great for wear on neck or ankle, but the design is made to comfortably stay up with vigorous arm movement. The standard size fits upper-arms from 9"-12". Large is adjustable from 12"-15". Shown in brass with a Colorful Hand-drape, and Amira...

Steel-lace bracelet in steel
Price: $15.50
Item #: L10 -

A handsome band of gothic metal lace great to accessorize steampunk wear. The antique look and dark gleam of the larger gunmetal rings add emphasis to the elegant lace of this unique chainmail bracelet. This metal lace design is an early invention of our own, and we will make it in your choice of metal (steel, aluminum, or gold-tone brass). The standard size fits from 6"-8½" wrists. Please let us know if you need us to modify the size. The other view shows it with a Steel-lace arm band. A...

Steel-lace choker in brass
Price: $31.00
Item #: L30 -

Metal handwoven into our unusual lacy weave is given both added emphasis and more of a steampunk look with dark gun-metal rings. Its tasteful design appeals to both men and women and adds style to any outfit. This choker adjusts to fit neck sizes from 12" to 18". We will make it with steel or aluminum links for silver-tone or brass links for gold-tone. The pictures of the Steel-lace choker in steel are shown with our Amira Body-Jewelry Chains & Wayfarer armbands. A Steel-lace Bracelet and...