Armlets, Armbands & Jacket Chains

Our armbands, or armlets, are made so they move with the arm without either slipping or becoming too tight. There is a plenty of overlap between the two sizes, but generally speaking, standard (small) fits small to medium sized women, large fits larger women and most men.
They are easy to put on: Once you know the adjustment size, hook the hook there first, then slide the armband over your hand and up your arm.
All armbands are sold singly.

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Colorful chain armband steel shown in purple chain & nickel beads, Shown w/a Coloful Slave Bracelet
Price: $29.00
Item #: V10 -

This exciting upper arm band jewelry design features a lovely chain mail band and butterfly wing drapes of shiny chains. The Colorful Fantasy Arm Band is handcrafted in your choice of chain color. It will add that perfect touch of fantasy to your outfit or belly dance costume. Shown here in steel with purple chains and a matching Colorful Slave Bracelet. The standard size fits upper-arms from 9"-12", large from 12"-15". Sold singly but sometimes worn in a pair. ...

Diamond slave armlet w/Amira necklace
Price: $35.00
Item #: S40 -

This wrist to arm jewelry is a unique combination of maille arm-band, bracelet and connection chain which adds an alluring touch to normal wear and enhances more elaborate attire. Arm to wrist jewelry is historically portrayed in harem attire. The chain-mail bracelet and arm band designs are beautifully handmade in graceful celtic knotwork-like diamond shapes alternating with shiny rings and may be worn with or without the included 18" connection chain. That sleek chain has a lobster clasp to...

Hexmaile armlet jewelry shown w/steel and cobalt blue beads
Price: $23.00
Item #: S30 -

A fantastic arm band, our Hexmaile Armlet Jewelry is great for belly dancing and club wear. This fringed chainmail upper arm jewelry is unusual body wear with a fancy look. As with all our armbands, these are sold separately, but when worn as a pair the "V" of beads offsets each side particularly well. Our armlets and arm bands are made to be comfortable even with movement such as dancing. The standard size fits from 9"-12" arms and large from 12"-15". We'll make this piece to your...

Ice-Flame dancer arm band in blue-ice
Price: $36.00
Item #: V50 -

Be it dance costume accessory or that ultimate touch for a clubbing outfit, this arm jewelry is dressy and graceful. Woven along the metal chainmail band are individually set fire polished beads meticulous linked into an intricate pattern. The colors flow from shade to shade in a way which photos can not do justice. Rich dark-fire colors flow inward from fiery ruby red to deep garnet into black, and frosty blue-ice colors drift from dark cobalt into sapphire to light sapphire. Garnished with...

Raven arm band w/Raven headpiece & Raven necklace
Price: $23.00
Item #: Q60 -

This metal armband jewelry is a very fashionable accessory with it's black anodized chains and larger gunmetal rings. The chainmail itself is beautifully shaped and accented by the Hematite teardrop hanging down from the center. Our armbands are great for a night of dancing (bellydance or otherwise) as well as other athletic activities because they move with the arm instead of slipping. The standard size is adjustable from 9"-12" and large from 12"-15". Our Raven Arm Jewelry is shown with a...

Steel-lace arm band in brass w/Colorful handpiece
Price: $31.00
Item #: L35 -

Our Steel-lace arm band is a captivating design for both men and women, especially for a steampunk look. This style, which has long been a favorite as our Steel-lace choker, has now been refashioned for arm wear. Our customers tell us our arm bands are also great for wear on neck or ankle, but the design is made to comfortably stay up with vigorous arm movement. The standard size fits upper-arms from 9"-12". Large is adjustable from 12"-15". Shown in brass with a Colorful Hand-drape, and Amira...