ShadowPoint™ Chainmaille Line

Our cyber-punk style fashion line is crafted in silver and black or gold and black with garnet points to add a dark touch of color. It was designed with gothic styles in mind as it's made to look it's best on black clothing. The chainmail portions are made from steel or brass wire, with parts to match. These items look great with the Raven fashion line.

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ShadowPoint Bat Necklace in silver-tone
Price: $31.00
Item #: T30 -

In this stunning gothic necklace, a cute vampire bat sleeps within a heart of chainmail. The maille drips with tatters of shiny chain links. For just a drop of color, a blood-red fire polished point topped with hematite adorns the end of the 20" necklace chain. The clasp hooks onto any point along the chain length for the perfect fit on any neck. This necklace really stands out on dark colored clothing and looks fantastic with an open neckline. The shape is particularly well-suited for...

ShadowPoint body chains w/Chainmail bikini & crystal coronet
Price: $89.00
Item #: T65 -

This unique set of body chains includes a locking necklace, deluxe connection chains, and two arm bands, all of which detach for separate wear if desired. The necklace design is very unusual, with dual "V"s of black chain, inset D-ring. It locks at the back of the neck with a lightweight lock but also has an S-hook in case that is not desired. Accents of chain lend themselves to the shape of the piece. The connection chains of fancy curb chain with a lovely design of maille weave along it....

ShadowPoint locking collar set in brass
Price: $60.00
Item #: T67 -

This locking collar to nipple creation consists of a unique nipple chain and our beautiful ShadowPoint Locking Necklace. Wear it as a sexy secret on a night out. The necklace has a lovely Steampunk look and may be worn without the nipple chain. It has a hook so doesn't require the included lightweight lock in back. We will handcraft this in your choice of silver-tone steel or gold-tone brass. It fits to an 18" neck. When desired, just hook the nipple extension to the necklace's D-ring and slip...

ShadowPoint locking necklace & Crystal Coronet
Price: $40.00
Item #: T60 -

This enchanting necklace design has a beautiful weave with an inset D-ring above contrasting "V"s of black chain. It is discreetly lockable at the back with the included lightweight lock but may be worn with just the built-in S-hook if preferred. We'll make it in your choice of silver-tone steel or gold-tone brass. It is shown with a Crystal coronet. This necklace fits up to an 18" neck. The second front view shows necklace as part of our ShadowPoint body chains. Please remember that none of...

Single-pierced lobe w/upper-stud & simple earring
Price: $32.50
Item #: T10 -

Our ShadowPoint Slave Earring has an apocalyptic, gothic air with its fire polished, garnet points capped by dark gleaming Hematite beads. Darkly vampiric, it is hung with shiny silver-tone chain links and blood-red points. We craft the ShadowPoint earring to order with a sterling silver ear cuff (or an upper-stud for wear with cartilage piercing) and made for your choice of non-pierced, single, double or triple pierced lobe. As a plus, it automatically comes with a secondary, simple earring,...