Ice-Flame™ Chainmaille Line

Belly dancer, fairy and even gothic styles forged into modern creations, this fashion line is original to its core. Chainmail weaves of progressively shaded, hand-chained jewels combining into light catching chains to create a bewitching display. Available in blue-ice (shades of cobalt and sapphire blues) and dark-fire (black into garnet to ruby red) colors. The shiny chains and connector rings are imitation Rhodium plated. Ice-Flame items go well with Amira and Crystalweave choices.

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Ice-Flame Bajoran earring shown in Blue-Ice w/double-pierced lobe and upper-stud
Price: $32.50
Item #: V90 -

An exotic ear cuff earring with an unusual bajoran earring look while retaining its own unique and fresh appearance. This unusual ear adornment features double drapes of chain separated by fire polished beads in red to black (dark-fire) or gradients of blue (blue-ice), then a single chain continues on for double or triple lobe piercings. This jewelry item also comes with a separate, dangle earring which consists of a matching fancy drop set and no cuff. This ear jewelry is handcrafted for...

Ice-Flame belly chain shown in blue-ice
Price: $49.00
Item #: V45 -

The Ice-Flame Belly Chain Jewelry is a unique fantasy waist chain. Its ornate look is great from elegant gothic fairy to bright belly dance style. The sparkling central jewelry design contains light-catching fire polished bead arrangements, each with a blend of either soft blue colors (blue-ice) or the dark mix from ruby red to garnet to black (dark-fire). Little bells are distributed throughout the design, giving off a pretty sound without being overly distracting. This centerpiece extends...

Ice-Flame dancer arm band in blue-ice
Price: $36.00
Item #: V50 -

Be it dance costume accessory or that ultimate touch for a clubbing outfit, this arm jewelry is dressy and graceful. Woven along the metal chainmail band are individually set fire polished beads meticulous linked into an intricate pattern. The colors flow from shade to shade in a way which photos can not do justice. Rich dark-fire colors flow inward from fiery ruby red to deep garnet into black, and frosty blue-ice colors drift from dark cobalt into sapphire to light sapphire. Garnished with...

Ice-Flame dancer necklace in dark-fire & Chainmail bikini top
Price: $41.00
Item #: V70 -

This jeweled necklace is stunning. It fills in low necklines and ornately enhances cleavage as its light-catching fire polished beads and droplets dipping enticingly downward. This fairy style creation is an intricate weave of jewel-like faceted beads which goes especially well with open neckline clothing. We make this in an enchanting gradient of lovely blue tones (blue-ice) or in the more gothic shading of red to black (dark-fire). The overall necklace length is 23” and can be hooked...

Ice-Flame halter bikini top w/matching waist chain & armband
Price: $220.00
Item #: V20 -

This incredible halter top goes well beyond a traditional chainmail bikini with its shiny chains and vivid beads forming patterns almost mystical or tribal in nature. Dancers of all types love the fire polished beads in triads and chains of vibrant blue-ice cobalt to sapphire blues, and photographs can not do justice to our gothic dark-fire look where bright red tones darken into rich garnet and gradually fade into black. The patterns of the shiny chains drape from the collar piece to the...

Ice-Flame body chain in blue-ice w/matching arm bands
Price: $65.00
Item #: V40 -

Red dark-fire color available by special request only. This unique and exciting harem body chain is a fairy-like creation which is sure to get noticed. The unusual neck to belly chain jewelry features a progression of color shades formed of individually set fire polished beads. From there, graceful lengths of shiny chains branch into tiered drapes with triad sets of beads suspending faceted drops. The sultry dark-fire colors rise from black to deep garnet to ruby red and blue-ice shifts...

Ice-Flame necklace nipple chain in blue-ice
Price: $55.00
Item #: V30 -

This erotic neck to nipple jewelry is as enchanting as it is unique. Individually set beads in gradual shadings of color are chained together, leading from the collar piece down to a single faceted drop. Drapes of gleaming chains diverge from the sides meeting at triad sets with your choice of nipple connectors. The gothic look of dark-fire rises from black into deep garnet to bright ruby red while the vibrant blue-ice colors drop from dark cobalt blue through lovely sapphire blues to end in a...