Non-Pierced thru Multiple Piercings

Even before Star Trek's Bajoran earrings appeared, we've been crafting earcuff or slave earrings, each custom handcrafted to fit non-pierced through multiple ear piercings as needed.

No piercing required!! Ear cuffs do not pierce. They wrap around the ear. Our earring styles each feature a sterling silver ear cuff but an upper-stud option is available for cartilage piercings.

Clip-ons are available for unpierced lobes.
Earring posts & wires are made of surgical steel.

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Single-pierced style shown w/cuff & clear aurora borealis beads
Price: $29.50
Item #: J17 -

For multi-pierced ears or just the look! Gleaming fire polished glass bead drops add color and style to this non- or multi- piercing earring. It has a chain connecting the ear cuff (or upper-stud for those with cartilage piercings) to 0 to 3 post(s) for the lobe. We handcraft these to order for people with entirely non-pierced ears as well as for single, double or triple pierced lobes. It can be worn on either ear, and the included simple earring with just the bead drop is often worn in the...

Triple-pierced style w/cuff, Black points
Price: $32.50
Item #: J70 -

Going for a pirate or punk look? This ear cuff, or multi-pierced, earring is popular with both men and women and is great when you want a dangerous, dark gothic flare to your style or just as a quick Halloween accessory. Black chain sweeps down from a cuff or upper-stud from which dangles a pewter blade. The basic design of this earring for single and non-pierced lobes features a single strand leading down to a black glass point or optional skull. The chain branches into 2 or 3 chains when for...

Single-pierced style shown w/cuff, green chain & clear AB teardrops
Price: $32.50
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Item #: J10 -

Our most enduring, yet entirely matchless, earring design. Colorful anodized aluminum chains drape from the sterling silver ear cuff. Hanging faceted glass teardrops in gothic black or luminous clear AB (clear with aurora borealis reflections) add to this earring's charm. It automatically comes with a simple earring, a dangle without a cuff, which is usually worn on the opposite ear. The main view is of a single-pierced style w/ear cuff, green chain, and clear AB teardrops along with a simple...

Comet earring shown w/cuff, Purple Austrian crystals & chains
Price: $32.50
Item #: J20 -

This is one of our very first ear cuff earring designs and is often compared to the Bajoran earrings which made an appearance shortly after. Three colorful chains trail from a sterling silver ear cuff to a drop-shaped loop in this unique earring creation. A semi-precious stone or Austrian crystal adorns each chain, and another rests upon the metal teardrop which hangs within the dangling loop. The metal teardrop is fluted for a rich look as it flashes in the light. We individually handcraft...

Double-pierced w/upper-stud, Black onyx
Price: $32.50
Item #: J15 -

A fancy strand of semi-precious stones or Austrian crystals trail from an upper-stud or sterling silver ear cuff to an ear-clip or ear-post (or two or even three) in this unique earring. Depending on your bead choice, this earcuff (or upper-pierced) earring can look darkly gothic or crystalline delicate. We designed it before Bajoran earrings appeared on TV, one of our first earcuff earrings designs and still a favorite. This ear jewelry automatically comes with a simple earring (drop w/bead)...

Ice-Flame Bajoran earring shown in Blue-Ice w/double-pierced lobe and upper-stud
Price: $32.50
Item #: V90 -

An exotic ear cuff earring with an unusual bajoran earring look while retaining its own unique and fresh appearance. This unusual ear adornment features double drapes of chain separated by fire polished beads in red to black (dark-fire) or gradients of blue (blue-ice), then a single chain continues on for double or triple lobe piercings. This jewelry item also comes with a separate, dangle earring which consists of a matching fancy drop set and no cuff. This ear jewelry is handcrafted for...

Single-pierced lobe w/upper-stud & simple earring
Price: $32.50
Item #: T10 -

Our ShadowPoint Slave Earring has an apocalyptic, gothic air with its fire polished, garnet points capped by dark gleaming Hematite beads. Darkly vampiric, it is hung with shiny silver-tone chain links and blood-red points. We craft the ShadowPoint earring to order with a sterling silver ear cuff (or an upper-stud for wear with cartilage piercing) and made for your choice of non-pierced, single, double or triple pierced lobe. As a plus, it automatically comes with a secondary, simple earring,...

Spike Ear Cuff Earring with single lobe piercing and sterling silver earcuff
Price: $34.50
Item #: K90 -

This unusual earring features shiny spikes trailing along a chain of faceted black glass beads. It is a very popular for a gothic or punk look among both men and women. Its a fantastic, and quick, way to accessorize for Halloween as it can be ordered with clip-ons. The sterling ear cuff choice is for people without an upper-piercing. We also offer this earring with an upper-stud for a cartilage piercing instead of the earcuff for those people who do have an upper-pierced ear. This earring is...