Nipple Attachment Info

Nipple Nooses or Neese for attachment to non-pierced

Nipple Nooses (Neese)

Unique nooses (or neese, as we like to call them) for those who wish to wear our nipple decorations without piercings. We put a great deal of time and expense in research and development in order to design these for perfect comfort, secure fit, as well as an attractive and absolutely unique look never seen any where else. We put each noose together by hand and build them directly into our nipple adornments as an item option. We make them in gold-tone or silver-tone to go with the item. To wear, the loop is placed over the nipple, the end bead is grasped then the other is slowly slid upward until the nipple is held snuggly but not tight enough to be uncomfortable (unless that is your preference). The noose material has some stretch so that it securely holds our chainmail while remaining comfortable. As some flesh around the nipple can be noosed as well as the nipple itself, these will fit even smaller sized nipples. However, many men do not have enough excess flesh there to wear them. This magnified picture shows a gold-tone nipple noose on our standard, ¼" ID link size.
We do not make these for sale outside of use in our creations.

Jewelry Hooks for attachment to piercings

Piercing jewelry hooks

Lobster clasps and sister-hooks are a jewelry clasp option for us to build into our nipple decorations. Sister-hooks which easily fit on even large gauge piercing jewelry. Gold-tone items receive lobster clasps, and we can also substitute those by request. While not as versatile as the optional mini-clips, jewelry hooks may also be used to attach the decoration to other chain-mail items, such as one of our bikini tops. For those who are not pierced and don't care for clamps, our nipple decorations should be ordered with comfortable nooses instead.


These are tiny, lined clips which can grasp onto nipple rings, clamps or clothing. They aren't a separate product, but are built right into our Nipple Chains and are meant to be used to attach those adornments to nipple clamps and existing piercing jewelry. Some do use them on skin, but they are too small and exert too much pressure for comfortable wear on most people. They are an alternate choice to the jewelry clasps and non-piercing nooses options on our nipple decorations. In between use, you can even use these to clip the chainmail onto clothing or your toybag, instanly creating an unusual and innocent decoration. Heck, some people buy them just to wear on clothing items. Quickly jazz up even fabric crop tops, bikinis, g-strings or jackets just by clipping one of our chain-mail decorations on!
Mini-Clips for attachment to piercing jewelry or fabric

Clamp and Piercing Decoration Info: Rather than increasing the price by including new hardware, these allow you to decorate your existing jewelry (healed piercings only) and/or favorite clamps. Those made of steel or brass add additional weight, while lightweight aluminum is available for a lesser effect. Either way, the swinging weight on the nipples can add to their sensitivity.