Chainmail bikini top shown w/Crystal coronet, Shadowpoint body chains, & Colorful handpiece

Chainmaille Bikini Top (C10)

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We have the reputation of creating the most comfortable chainmail bikini tops available since 1992. Our classic metal tops can even be worn for swimming and sunbathing (no, they don't leave weird tan lines). Each top is crafted with between 1500...
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Detroit Area-MI & Orlando, FL

1996 was my 1st purchase from Strangeblades & Sunshyne!

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(Pardon the spelling if I got it wrong's been a LONG time)

I don't recall how I viewed it, but I got my hands on a pic of this top & just melted! It has been 19 YEARS & 11 months since I got this severely bad-ass piece & not once has it failed to impress. It's strong but very light. It cleans w/ only a soft cloth or jewelry cloth like one might use on silver. It ONLY has a touch of grey tarnish here & there. I desperately need Her to re-size it for me as my 'size' has increased by 2 cups & 4" I hate to say BUT I pray she'll be able to help w/o issue. If this isn't worthy of your $ human, then go ahead & buy the other folks cheap junk. I say time proves it's quality & this top is just 1 of the BEST EVER pieces of kinky fun show wear I'll EVER own.

Reviews 1-1 of 1