Crystalweave bikini top shown w/jet beads

Crystalweave Chainmail Bikini Top (C14)

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This chainmail halter bikini top is hung with an airy, web-like drape in elvish-style. The comfortable metal top is lightweight, yet strong, reminiscent of the legendary magical elven maille. The shape of this top accents the chest area while...
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Camarillo, CA

Absolutely wonderful

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I purchased the crystal weave bikini top with garnet beads over a year ago now. I wear it a lot. It's visually gorgeous.Still looks new. It's one of the most comfortable things I own for when it's hot out. The air flows right through. There's no rubbing or chafing. It gives good support (36D}. Since it's street legal, it doesn't need to be lined. I wear it gardening and relaxing. I wore it swimming, and it was the next best thing to swimming nude. The links offer no drag or resistance to the water; the water flowed over my skin like silk as I swam. When I got out of the water, it dried right away, so I didn't need to wear a damp towel to avoid dripping in the house. I hand washed and hung it to dry. I'm seriously considering buying another. Oh, and everyone else thinks it's gorgeous too.

Reviews 1-1 of 1