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    Pre-cut links for chain-mail and jewelry making. We have always hand-cut our rings to our very specific requirements. However, we found a company willing and able to machine a precise flush cut with no annoying gap when closed.
    We are very specific about our rings. As artists, we hate working with saw-cut links and personally find them less comfortable to wear. Saw-cut either leaves a little gap to scratch and catch hair or clothing or else needs to be pushed together, distorting the shape and causing pliers to slip. Our premium rings are even cut with our slight angle which encourages good, clean closures. Each is made with just the right amount of opening for ease of linking together, which saves a great deal of time when working with thousands of rings.
    These are .0625" (16ga by some measures, close to 14 by others) wire, machine-cut to exactly ¼" inside diameter links in the same gorgeous aluminum alloy we originally based our business on. This wonderful aluminum alloy is very bright and strong. It does not corrode like lesser types. Plus, you can not use this wire to write as if with a pencil, as some aluminum used in chainmail is reported to do. This alloy is nothing short of fantastic for fashion and jewelry. Samples are available upon request. ½ or 1 lb. of .0625" wire links with .25" ID is approx 3430 rings per lb. according to our hand count.
    Not shown actual size because that changes with each monitor's setting.