Price: $185.00

    Going for an amazon queen or flashy seductress look? This metal women's g-string is yet another of our unique chainmail designs, and as always, we put as much effort into the feel of the piece as we do its looks. The scale-mail style flap of shiny steel leaves is attached to one of our hand-linked chainmail g-strings. This design allows for the swishing, eye-catching movement of light over the scales while retaining the comfort which our work is so well known for. We've added wings of scales to adorn the back in a unique and attractive style devised so to not get in the way of sitting and moving. The main g-string structure of this piece features our deluxe style chainmail g-string but with extra-plush straps to better support the weight which allow it to easily fit up to a 42" waist. Shown with the matching Valkyrie Scalemail Necklace.