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    Tiara is defined as a decorative jeweled headband and this certainly fits the bill. This unusual headwear design adds an exotic look, be it worn with an elegant outfit or dance costume.
    The dark gleam of the black option would do any goth princess proud while the colors are popular with bright bellydance and Renaissance Fair outfits. An ornate centerpiece of fire polished and Hematite beads adorn the forehead of this gorgeous headpiece. From this, a lace-work of chain drapes its way back. It is held on comfortably and securely by very stretchy rayon and, as with all our headbands, one may choose to wear it over or under the hair. Choose your favorite chain color with matching beads, gold-tone and silver-tone are made with scintillating crystal aurora borealis beads. Secondary view in red shown with a WebArt Neck Jewelry.