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    Our ShadowPoint Slave Earring has an apocalyptic, gothic air with its fire polished, garnet points capped by dark gleaming Hematite beads. Darkly vampiric, it is hung with shiny silver-tone chain links and blood-red points.

    We craft the ShadowPoint earring to order with a sterling silver ear cuff (or an upper-stud for wear with cartilage piercing) and made for your choice of non-pierced, single, double or triple pierced lobe. As a plus, it automatically comes with a secondary, simple earring, often worn on the opposite ear. In the simple earring the black chain is linked to the earring back which is decorative but also conveniently prevents the back from being misplaced. The main picture features the ShadowPoint earring with upper-stud and a single-pierced lobe next to the secondary earring. For entirely unpierced ears choose "Sterling Ear Cuff" and "Non-Pierced Lobe".