Blade chain mail choker close-up
  • Blade chain mail choker close-up
  • Blade chain mail choker
  • Blade chain mail choker w/black bead side showing
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    The uniquely elegant Blade Chainmail Choker design features two pewter sword blades bracketed with gleaming glass beads. The neck jewelry's unusual dark faerie look makes it an everyday favorite of the designer and creator. It is popular from Renaissance faires to vampire costumes. This choker/necklace may be draped at the base like a regular necklace but is made so it can also stay high on the neck without being so tight as to cut in with movement, in a similar fashion to our armband designs.

    The choker itself is formed of flowing chainmaille shapes and large gunmetal rings. The chain mail portions have a fringe of glass spear beads with a lovely dark gleaming colors which shift in the light. However, if you wish a more sedate look, just flip the choker over to reveal plain black spears. This choker is designed so it can comfortably be worn as high on the neck as you like. Sizes fit from a 12-15 inch neck or 15-18 inch neck.