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    Fire polished bead color

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    The Ice-Flame Belly Chain Jewelry is a unique fantasy waist chain. Its ornate look is great from elegant gothic fairy to bright belly dance style. The sparkling central jewelry design contains light-catching fire polished bead arrangements, each with a blend of either soft blue colors (blue-ice) or the dark mix from ruby red to garnet to black (dark-fire). Little bells are distributed throughout the design, giving off a pretty sound without being overly distracting. This centerpiece extends into a fringe of points at the bottom. A drape of chain trails from each side, leading back to the main chain. The second picture is also shown with an Ice-Flame Halter Bikini Top and Ice-Flame Dancer Arm Band.

    The overall length is over 40”. At one end is a little snap-hook which can hook anywhere along the entire piece. This belly chain can be worn high across the waist, low on the hips.