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    This metal armband jewelry is a very fashionable accessory with it's black anodized chains and larger gunmetal rings. The chainmail itself is beautifully shaped and accented by the Hematite teardrop hanging down from the center. Our armbands are great for a night of dancing (bellydance or otherwise) as well as other athletic activities because they move with the arm instead of slipping.

    The standard size is adjustable from 9"-12" and large from 12"-15". Our Raven Arm Jewelry is shown with a Raven Chain Headpiece and Raven Gothic Necklace. The second picture shows the arm bands with our Danae Chainmaille neckpiece, Colorful Fantasy Chain Headdress and Raven Slave Bracelets. The third picture shows the arm band as part of our Raven Slave Ensemble along with a Raven Chain Mail Thong and an Amira Dancer Headpiece.