Raven slave ensemble w/Amira chainmail headband
  • Raven slave ensemble w/Amira chainmail headband
  • Raven slave ensemble w/Amira headband & Raven g-string
  • Set w/Raven neck to nipple chains and Amira chain mail headband
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    This body chain set contains 3 of our popular gothic Raven designs. All may be connected with the shiny black anodized chain or worn separately.

    This body chain set includes 9 different items! That's 5 handcrafted jewelry pieces plus 4 18" connection chains:
    (1) Raven Gothic Necklace (or Raven Neck to Nipple Chains)
    (2) Raven arm bands
    (2) Raven slave bracelets
    (4) 18" connection chains of shiny black anodized aluminium.

    The Raven Neck to Nipple Chains are now available as an optional substitute for the Raven Necklace due to the incredible demand for them in this set.

    The connection chains each have a small "S" hook on one end and a lobster clasp on the other so they are removable and may be worn with other jewelry items. The size option refers only to the armband as the neckpieces and bracelets fit just about everyone (12"-18" neck and 6"-8½" wrists). The standard size fits an upper arm of 9"-12" and large from 12"-15". The ensemble is shown here with an Amira Chain Mail Headband. Other view is with a Raven Chain Mail Thong.

    This is an item made up of a combination of other jewellery pieces which may also be purchased separately. We are artists and do not produce connection chains except as part of one of our creations.