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    Fire polished bead color

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    This incredible halter top goes well beyond a traditional chainmail bikini with its shiny chains and vivid beads forming patterns almost mystical or tribal in nature. Dancers of all types love the fire polished beads in triads and chains of vibrant blue-ice cobalt to sapphire blues, and photographs can not do justice to our gothic dark-fire look where bright red tones darken into rich garnet and gradually fade into black. The patterns of the shiny chains drape from the collar piece to the tight-woven chainmail. Below, more chains connect triads of beads and faceted drops in a richly attractive pattern. We set each link, bead and chain ourselves to create this phenomenal work of art. The shiny chains and connecting links are imitation rhodium plated and the chainmail is lightweight aluminum.
    For further information, please see our Chain mail bikini top page

    This piece is shown here with Ice-Flame Dancer Arm Bands and Ice-Flame Belly Chain Jewelery.