Chainmaille Bikinis & Halter Tops

These handwoven chain mail bikini tops are made to be comfortable daily wear at medieval events and Renaissance faires and form a captivating part of many dance costumes.

These chainmail bikini tops:

  • provide some support
  • are street legal with no lining
  • are made of light-weight, highest-quality aluminum alloy
  • have custom-sewn spandex straps for ultimate comfort

    They do NOT:
  • pinch or scratch
  • catch on piercing jewelry
  • heat up when worn in direct sunlight

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    Amira chainmail bikini top shown w/Amira handflower and Amira G-string
    Price: $180.00
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    Item #: C17 -

    This metal bikini top is extremely popular for belly dancing, renaissance fairs and simply to wear outside in hot weather. The beautiful chainmail fringe hung with fire polished bead drops or nickel-plated bells lends additional charm. It was our own original idea to take the chainmail bikini concept beyond a plain top, and that was very popular during our years of vending at the Pennsic War. In fact, even after more than a decade since vending there, those very same tops are still spotted at...

    Chainmail bikini top shown w/Crystal coronet, Shadowpoint body chains, & Colorful handpiece
    Price: $170.00
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    Item #: C10 -

    We have the reputation of creating the most comfortable chainmail bikini tops available since 1992. Our classic metal tops can even be worn for swimming and sunbathing (no, they don't leave weird tan lines). Each top is crafted with between 1500 and 2000 small links, each of which is interwoven into a tight enough weave to be street legal and not pinch. The 3 dimensional design and luxurious, custom sewn straps of heavyweight spandex provide the ultimate in metal bikini comfort. As she places...

    Crystalweave bikini top shown w/jet beads
    Price: $190.00
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    Item #: C14 -

    This chainmail halter bikini top is hung with an airy, web-like drape in elvish-style. The comfortable metal top is lightweight, yet strong, reminiscent of the legendary magical elven maille. The shape of this top accents the chest area while slimming the midriff. The web glitters with sets of fire polished beads, with your choice of color combined with smaller ones with the faerie-like glimmer of crystal aurora borealis color. Now optionally available with little bells instead of beads to add...

    Ice-Flame halter bikini top w/matching waist chain & armband
    Price: $220.00
    Item #: V20 -

    This incredible halter top goes well beyond a traditional chainmail bikini with its shiny chains and vivid beads forming patterns almost mystical or tribal in nature. Dancers of all types love the fire polished beads in triads and chains of vibrant blue-ice cobalt to sapphire blues, and photographs can not do justice to our gothic dark-fire look where bright red tones darken into rich garnet and gradually fade into black. The patterns of the shiny chains drape from the collar piece to the...

    Additional info:

    We've been hand making incredibly comfortable and attractive chainmail bikini tops for over 15 years. Chainmail bikinis are a timeworn tradition among Dungeons & Dragons fans, and our pieces are incredibly popular with medieval groups and renaissance fairs over the world. Our tops are made to be worn and are popular with belly dancers as well as for all day wear at Renaissance faires and SCA events. Comfort is our highest priority. Our form fitting bikini tops provide support and are so tightly woven that they are street legal with no lining. Even though we make them with lightweight aluminum, these metal tops are still a little heavier than fabric tops. That's why we use deluxe, heavyweight spandex straps which are custom-sewn specifically for comfort and durability. The artist closes each of the 1500 to 2000 little links and checks to make sure the edges are closed flush, allowing the piece to rest smoothly against the skin without scratching. The reason they can be worn unlined in public is also why they don't pinch. There's no room between the links to get anything caught there. The creator herself has spent many a weekend wearing her work all day long. Even the barbell she wears in her piercing does not get caught in the rings. Sunbathing is also fine, leaving perfectly normal tan lines behind. As long as the aluminum is in close contact with the skin, it doesn't heat up in direct sunlight.

    We no longer make bikini tops larger than a D cup. For fairs and events we once created tops for sizes ranging to "HH" cups. We no longer sell at events and do not feel that proper support and comfort can be attained for the larger sizes without personal fittings.