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Raven slave anklet & slave bracelet
Raven slave anklet & slave bracelet

Meaning "Princess", this line is ornate and feminine, with lots of bright fire polished beads. Of our lines, this one is the most popular for belly dancing, medieval and renaissance fair wear. These designs are available in silvery steel, lightweight aluminum and gold-tone brass. Amira and Crystalweave items work together flawlessly.

Bright, diamond-cut anodized aluminum chain in all sorts of bright colors are often mixed with metal beads in nickel, black or brass. This line has jewelry out of fantasy and full of imagination, complete with dragons, dolphins and princesses. These creations are often worn with items from the Crystal line.

These charming designs are made to order in sparkling, colorful chain and your choice of real Austrian crystals or semi-precious stones. Where chain-mail is present, it is available in silvery steel, lightweight aluminum and gold-tone brass. See our Colorful line for great matches to these.

The flowery, ethereal air of these flowing designs bring to mind tales of the eternal beauty of the elven folk of legend. This fashion line is created of lacy metal weaves and faerie-like, crystalline drops consisting of faceted beads in the color of your choice paired with smaller beads which have the multi-hued coating of aurora borealis. This jewelry is popular with fans of medieval and renaissance fairs and are usually available in your choice of silver-tone steel or aluminum, or golden brass. These items go great with those of the Amira line.

A collection of some of our signature pieces in our Steel-lace and Danae styles which flatter steampunk wear with their antique-looking dark gunmetal rings. These accessories are unique handcrafted chainmail designs available in gold-tone as well as silver-tone metal which are brought out wonderfully with the antique look of the larger gunmetal rings. Steel Dark-Ring items also go very well with the Raven fashion line.

These rich and elaborate designs are made with flowing waves of light catching, nickel-plated chain, along with shiny nickel-plated rings. Each piece features our own original Celtic knotwork-like diamond shapes in steel links.

Belly dancer, fairy and even gothic styles forged into modern creations, this fashion line is original to its core. Chainmail meshes with progressively shaded hand-chained jewels combining into light catching chains to create a bewitching display. Available in blue-ice (shades of cobalt and sapphire blues) and dark-fire (black into garnet to ruby red) colors. The shiny chains and connector rings are imitation Rhodium plated. Ice-Flame items go well with Amira and Crystalweave choices in a similar color.

For aOur straightforward chainmail line has innovative designs without all the bright crystals, beads or colored chains. This line goes great with everything, of course. :)

For the goth at heart, this line's trademark is black anodized chain, steel chainmail, and Hematite drops. Each piece has it's own darkly elegant personality. Raven items go great with black WebArt and Colorful pieces.

Our cyber-punk style fashion line is crafted in silver and black or gold and black with garnet points to add a dark touch of color. It was designed with gothic styles in mind as it's made to look it's best on black clothing. Reflective bits are often added within the chainmail to make a little extra flash in firelight or at clubs. The chainmail portions are made from steel or brass wire, with parts to match. These items look great with the Raven fashion line.

This incredible line utilizes scales of shiny metal leaves with the overall chainmail structure. This line is designed to be warrior-like in nature while also excelling at emphasizing feminine curves. The shiny leaves create a unique look whether used in a scale-mail type of style or used to accent our unusual chainmail weaves. These items go very well together with the Maile and Diamond fashion lines.

Delightful webs, handwoven in colorful chain and matching fancy bead drops, these creations are of unsurpassed beauty and originality. Artfully designed so that both the fire polished beads and the anodized aluminum chain work together to create the color while the smaller Hematite beads enhance it. Black WebArt items are elegantly gothic and work very naturally with any items in the Raven fashion line. The brighter colors combine well with our Colorful line creations.

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Ice-Flame dancer necklace in dark-fire & Chainmail bikini top
Price: $41.00
Item #: V70 -

This jeweled necklace is stunning. It fills in low necklines and ornately enhances cleavage as its light-catching fire polished beads and droplets dipping enticingly downward. This fairy style creation is an intricate weave of jewel-like faceted beads which goes especially well with open neckline clothing. We make this in an enchanting gradient of lovely blue tones (blue-ice) or in the more gothic shading of red to black (dark-fire). The overall necklace length is 23” and can be hooked...

Ice-Flame halter bikini top w/matching waist chain & armband
Price: $220.00
Item #: V20 -

This incredible halter top goes well beyond a traditional chainmail bikini with its shiny chains and vivid beads forming patterns almost mystical or tribal in nature. Dancers of all types love the fire polished beads in triads and chains of vibrant blue-ice cobalt to sapphire blues, and photographs can not do justice to our gothic dark-fire look where bright red tones darken into rich garnet and gradually fade into black. The patterns of the shiny chains drape from the collar piece to the...

Ice-Flame body chain in blue-ice w/matching arm bands
Price: $65.00
Item #: V40 -

Red dark-fire color available by special request only. This unique and exciting harem body chain is a fairy-like creation which is sure to get noticed. The unusual neck to belly chain jewelry features a progression of color shades formed of individually set fire polished beads. From there, graceful lengths of shiny chains branch into tiered drapes with triad sets of beads suspending faceted drops. The sultry dark-fire colors rise from black to deep garnet to ruby red and blue-ice shifts...

Ice-Flame necklace nipple chain in blue-ice
Price: $55.00
Item #: V30 -

This erotic neck to nipple jewelry is as enchanting as it is unique. Individually set beads in gradual shadings of color are chained together, leading from the collar piece down to a single faceted drop. Drapes of gleaming chains diverge from the sides meeting at triad sets with your choice of nipple connectors. The gothic look of dark-fire rises from black into deep garnet to bright ruby red while the vibrant blue-ice colors drop from dark cobalt blue through lovely sapphire blues to end in a...

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Price: $33.00
Item #: B65 -

Named after the Valkyrie Kára "the wild, stormy one”, this extraordinary necklace captures the essence of untamed beauty. The Kaira Valkyrie Necklace features a mesmerizing cascade of valkyrie points which draws the eye and ignites a sense of intrigue. With its intricate craftsmanship and uplifting aura, the Kára Valkyrie Necklace is the perfect accessory for your unique spirit. Whether you're a tribal belly dancer seeking to enchant the audience or a Renaissance fairegoer embracing your inner...

Kaira Valkyrie Chest Jewelry with mini-clips
Retail: $33.00
Price: $27.50
Item #: B35 -

Embody confidence, elegance, and a touch of rebellious spirit with this Embody confidence, elegance, and a touch of rebellious spirit with this unique and eye-catching chest accessory jewelry. Our captivating Kaira Valkyrie Nipple Chest Jewelry is designed to make a bold statement. Experience the allure of this exotic accessory, adorned with spikes of gleaming metal Valkyrie feathers which catch and reflect light. Choose a base of classic galvanized steel or lightweight aluminum.For those who...

Lock-et chain mail collar shown w/optional heart shaped lock
Price: $40.00
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Item #: E50 -

The captivating Lock-et Chain Mail Collar is made to work with a lock in a fashion similar to that of a choke-chain but with more control due to the unusual design. It is made with two chainmaille weaves to create a unique effect when the necklace is put on. This necklace features larger nickel-plated rings which are set attractively into the galvanized steel chainmail. A padlock, or similar device, is needed to secure it. This collar can come with a sturdy brass padlock with a black finish,...

Locking anklet w/Wayfarer bracelet
Price: $25.50
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Item #: G90 -

This unique lockable anklet is attractive without being ostentatious. It is popular for casual, costume and BDSM wear, Reminiscent of old fashioned manacles, the doubled steel chain also allows adjustable placement for the included light-weight lock. The ends and center of the anklet flare slightly at larger nickel-plated rings, adding an additional artistic touch to the overall design. This anklet is shown with a Wayfarer Chainmail Bracelet.Please note that our mailorder jewelry creations are...

Mini-rings pride necklace w/blue chain
Price: $6.00
Item #: PJ5 -

Show your pride with this popular neck-chain. Six rings, one in each of the rainbow pride flag colors, rest on a bright 18" chain. We'll make it for you using your choice of color for the clasped chain. The rings are ¼" inside diameter.

Premium pre-cut aluminum rings, 1/4" ID
Price: $20.00
Item #: A50 -

Pre-cut links for chain-mail and jewelry making. We have always hand-cut our rings to our very specific requirements. However, we found a company willing and able to machine a precise flush cut with no annoying gap when closed. We are very specific about our rings. As artists, we hate working with saw-cut links and personally find them less comfortable to wear. Saw-cut either leaves a little gap to scratch and catch hair or clothing or else needs to be pushed together, distorting the shape and...

Raven arm band w/Raven headpiece & Raven necklace
Price: $23.00
Item #: Q60 -

This metal armband jewelry is a very fashionable accessory with it's black anodized chains and larger gunmetal rings. The chainmail itself is beautifully shaped and accented by the Hematite teardrop hanging down from the center. Our armbands are great for a night of dancing (bellydance or otherwise) as well as other athletic activities because they move with the arm instead of slipping. The standard size is adjustable from 9"-12" and large from 12"-15". Our Raven Arm Jewelry is shown with a...

Raven Barefoot Sandal slave anklet w/Raven slave bracelet
Price: $35.00
Item #: M30 -

This lovely bare foot sandal slave anklet makes a wonderful addition to any wardrobe, be it for dancer, gothic or casual barefoot wear. An elegant band of steel chain-mail collars the ankle, with one portion shifting into our trademark diamond shapes which branch off toward the toes. Black anodized chains fall smoothly across the top of the foot in this unusual and lovely anklet design. Foot jewelry like this is sometimes referred to as slave anklets or barefoot sandals. It may be worn singly,...

Raven chain mail metal g-string
Price: $165.00
Item #: K50 -

This exotic g-string design is as alluring as it is unique. It has a gothic theme, with black anodized chains and sleek steel chainmail centering on a Hematite teardrop which teasingly draws the eye. The back is just as unusual with its graceful chainmail shapes and a flattering double drape of chain. The straps are plush and very stretchy, providing a comfortable fit up to a 40" waist. Shown with an Amira Chainmaille Head Band and Raven Slave Ensemble featuring Raven Neck to Nipple Chains. ...

Raven headpiece
Price: $27.50
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Item #: P72 -

Our Raven Gothic Headpiece design is a beautiful chainmaille headband with a comfortable strap that ensures a perfect and comfortable fit for all sizes. It feature a lovely hematite teardrop complemented by drapes of black anodized chain. Like all of our headbands, it can also be lowered to rest around the neck, instantaneously converting it into a lovely necklace. The second view is shown with Raven Arm Jewelry and a Raven Gothic Necklace. ...

Raven Gothic necklace w/Raven headpiece and arm bands
Price: $35.00
Item #: K20 -

Extremely popular, especially among gothic or medieval fans, this darkly elegant necklace is made with a hematite teardrop, steel chainmaille, black anodized chains, and gunmetal rings. We make our Raven Gothic Necklace to rest at a perfect angle along the base of the neck with the chains and teardrop drawing the eye downward. This effect is exceptional with any amount of cleavage. With an overall length of 21", this necklace comfortably fits necks up to 18" but adjusts easily to fit 12" or...

Raven nipple chain w/Colorful headdress & Raven necklace, armbands, slave bracelets
Price: $33.00
Item #: D92 -

This chest adornment will add a touch of dark mystery to your ensemble. Attach directly on nipples with our original nipple nooses or use with existing piercing jewelry and/or favorite clamps with the dark elegance of black chains and Hematite. This creation makes great fantasy and exotic dance wear. We handcraft this jewelry with our original non-piercing nipple nooses unless sister-hooks or mini-clips (tiny clips which can grasp onto jewelry, clamps or fabric) are preferred. Please see our...

Raven neck to nipple decoration w/Raven arm bands & slave bracelets, Amira headband
Price: $55.00
Item #: R90 -

This is a sexy decoration to attach to either non-pierced and pierced nipples. Our all-original gothic neck to nipple combination jewelry is handcrafted in chain mail with black anodized chains and Hematite teardrops. The neckchain is made extra long so that the second Hematite drop will hang tantalizingly down the back. This is a single piece which runs from necklace to nipples. This extremely popular jewelry design may now be ordered as part of our Raven Slave Ensemble. It is shown here with...

Raven slave bracelet w/Raven slave anklet
Price: $23.00
Item #: P32 -

This slave bracelet is a simply elegant design of a style extremely popular for casual wear as well as belly dance and gothic outfits. It features dark, gleaming hematite beads and gun metal finished rings with a slim length of chain which loops over a finger. Black anodized chain angles away from the center diamond, following the angle of the steel chainmail wristpiece. This item fits from 6"-8½" wrists. Shown with a Raven Barefoot Sandal. The other picture shows the Raven Slave Bracelet as...

Raven slave ensemble w/Amira chainmail headband
Price: $145.00
Item #: Q62 -

This body chain set contains 3 of our popular gothic Raven designs. All may be connected with the shiny black anodized chain or worn separately. This body chain set includes 9 different items! That's 5 handcrafted jewelry pieces plus 4 18" connection chains: (1) Raven Gothic Necklace (or Raven Neck to Nipple Chains) (2) Raven arm bands (2) Raven slave bracelets (4) 18" connection chains of shiny black anodized aluminium. The Raven Neck to Nipple Chains are now available as an optional...

ShadowPoint Bat Necklace in silver-tone
Price: $31.00
Item #: T30 -

In this stunning gothic necklace, a cute vampire bat sleeps within a heart of chainmail. The maille drips with tatters of shiny chain links. For just a drop of color, a blood-red fire polished point topped with hematite adorns the end of the 20" necklace chain. The clasp hooks onto any point along the chain length for the perfect fit on any neck. This necklace really stands out on dark colored clothing and looks fantastic with an open neckline. The shape is particularly well-suited for...

ShadowPoint body chains w/Chainmail bikini & crystal coronet
Price: $89.00
Item #: T65 -

This unique set of body chains includes a locking necklace, deluxe connection chains, and two arm bands, all of which detach for separate wear if desired. The necklace design is very unusual, with dual "V"s of black chain, inset D-ring. It locks at the back of the neck with a lightweight lock but also has an S-hook in case that is not desired. Accents of chain lend themselves to the shape of the piece. The connection chains of fancy curb chain with a lovely design of maille weave along it....

ShadowPoint locking collar set in brass
Price: $60.00
Item #: T67 -

This locking collar to nipple creation consists of a unique nipple chain and our beautiful ShadowPoint Locking Necklace. Wear it as a sexy secret on a night out. The necklace has a lovely Steampunk look and may be worn without the nipple chain. It has a hook so doesn't require the included lightweight lock in back. We will handcraft this in your choice of silver-tone steel or gold-tone brass. It fits to an 18" neck. When desired, just hook the nipple extension to the necklace's D-ring and slip...

ShadowPoint locking necklace & Crystal Coronet
Price: $40.00
Item #: T60 -

This enchanting necklace design has a beautiful weave with an inset D-ring above contrasting "V"s of black chain. It is discreetly lockable at the back with the included lightweight lock but may be worn with just the built-in S-hook if preferred. We'll make it in your choice of silver-tone steel or gold-tone brass. It is shown with a Crystal coronet. This necklace fits up to an 18" neck. The second front view shows necklace as part of our ShadowPoint body chains. Please remember that none of...

Single-pierced lobe w/upper-stud & simple earring
Price: $32.50
Item #: T10 -

Our ShadowPoint Slave Earring has an apocalyptic, gothic air with its fire polished, garnet points capped by dark gleaming Hematite beads. Darkly vampiric, it is hung with shiny silver-tone chain links and blood-red points. We craft the ShadowPoint earring to order with a sterling silver ear cuff (or an upper-stud for wear with cartilage piercing) and made for your choice of non-pierced, single, double or triple pierced lobe. As a plus, it automatically comes with a secondary, simple earring,...

Snake slave collar w/black lock
Price: $43.00
Item #: G80 -

This lockable metal collar is very sturdy and especially popular with men. It is made of galvanized steel in a very tight weave with a snake-like feel but with one edge slightly flattened for resting against the skin. An "S" hook has been added to give a choice of wearing it with or without a padlock. This collar is available with a solid brass padlock with a black finish or may be upgraded to a nickel polished lock in heart shape or rectangular shape. locking Snake Chainmail Bracelet.-->...

Spike Ear Cuff Earring with single lobe piercing and sterling silver earcuff
Price: $34.50
Item #: K90 -

This unusual earring features shiny spikes trailing along a chain of faceted black glass beads. It is a very popular for a gothic or punk look among both men and women. Its a fantastic, and quick, way to accessorize for Halloween as it can be ordered with clip-ons. The sterling ear cuff choice is for people without an upper-piercing. We also offer this earring with an upper-stud for a cartilage piercing instead of the earcuff for those people who do have an upper-pierced ear. This earring is...

Steel-lace arm band in brass w/Colorful handpiece
Price: $31.00
Item #: L35 -

Our Steel-lace arm band is a captivating design for both men and women, especially for a steampunk look. This style, which has long been a favorite as our Steel-lace choker, has now been refashioned for arm wear. Our customers tell us our arm bands are also great for wear on neck or ankle, but the design is made to comfortably stay up with vigorous arm movement. The standard size fits upper-arms from 9"-12". Large is adjustable from 12"-15". Shown in brass with a Colorful Hand-drape, and Amira...

Steel-lace bracelet in steel
Price: $15.50
Item #: L10 -

A handsome band of gothic metal lace great to accessorize steampunk wear. The antique look and dark gleam of the larger gunmetal rings add emphasis to the elegant lace of this unique chainmail bracelet. This metal lace design is an early invention of our own, and we will make it in your choice of metal (steel, aluminum, or gold-tone brass). The standard size fits from 6"-8½" wrists. Please let us know if you need us to modify the size. The other view shows it with a Steel-lace arm band. A...

Steel-lace choker in brass
Price: $31.00
Item #: L30 -

Metal handwoven into our unusual lacy weave is given both added emphasis and more of a steampunk look with dark gun-metal rings. Its tasteful design appeals to both men and women and adds style to any outfit. This choker adjusts to fit neck sizes from 12" to 18". We will make it with steel or aluminum links for silver-tone or brass links for gold-tone. The pictures of the Steel-lace choker in steel are shown with our Amira Body-Jewelry Chains & Wayfarer armbands. A Steel-lace Bracelet and...

Valkyrie chainmail top
Price: $150.00
Item #: B10 -

This amazing chainmail top is a hot warrior look which accents the female form. It is garb suitable for your inner Valkyrie. Wear it over various styles of clothing or nothing at all for those private moments. It is handcrafted out of galvanized steel wire and nickel-plated dangles and chain. This revealing halter top fits a 'D' cup and smaller with plenty of adjustment to raise or lower the neck. The back chain may be loosened or tightened with a snap-hook which can hook anywhere along the...

Valkyrie neck to nipple chain
Price: $55.00
Item #: B30 -

Our Valkyrie Neck to Nipple Chain is a stunning, scale-mail like necklace and nipple chain combination. This sexy item begins with a scale-mail neckpiece which branches into a flattering double drape of chains leading to each nipple. The exotic, shiny leaves reflect light attractively and grab attention. We make this necklace to nipple jewelry with your choice of sister-hooks or mini-clips for wear on clamps or piercing jewelry or else with nipple nooses for non-pierced wear. View attachment...

Valkyrie scale belt w/Valkyrie Chainmail top
Price: $120.00
Item #: B40 -

A warrior look which is as perfect for belly dance costumes as it is a night out at the club. Breathtaking scale-mail appearance of the front sides frames the tiered chains strung with shiny dangles. The overall design is meant to complement the female form. The back length is hung with overlapping scales designed to enhance while still being comfortable for sitting. The many steel scales do not make for quiet hip shimmies, but that's what we were going for :). This waist adornment has an...

Valkyrie chainmaille g-string & scale necklace
Price: $185.00
Item #: B20 -

Going for an amazon queen or flashy seductress look? This metal women's g-string is yet another of our unique chainmail designs, and as always, we put as much effort into the feel of the piece as we do its looks. The scale-mail style flap of shiny steel leaves is attached to one of our hand-linked chainmail g-strings. This design allows for the swishing, eye-catching movement of light over the scales while retaining the comfort which our work is so well known for. We've added wings of scales...

Valkyrie scale necklace
Price: $45.00
Item #: B60 -

Our Valkyrie Scalemaille Necklace is a perfect necklace design for when you really want to make an impression. This elaborate neck jewelry is handwoven with chainmail links and shiny metal leaves which reflect the light wonderfully and resemble scale mail. This neck jewelry fills in low necklines but is capable of dressing up even a basic T-shirt. It fits as small as needed and the overall length is 22” long.

Wayfarer chainmail bracelet w/Locking anklet
Price: $16.00
Item #: D75 -

The width and overall look in this chainmail bracelet reminds us of the sailors' woven bracelets. That's why we named it "Wayfarer". This simple band and distinctive weave, it is a favorite among men and women. It adjusts to fit from 6" to 8½" wrists and is available in steel, shiny aluminum and gold-tone brass. Displayed here with a Locking Maille Anklet. Also see the matching Wayfarer Chainmaille Choker. ...

Steel Wayfarer choker w/optional D-ring
Price: $27.50
Item #: D70 -

The distinctive chainmail weave of this metal choker makes it a classy accessory, but you’ll keep coming back to it for casual wear. It's a very popular style with both men and women. An optional shiny, solid D-ring woven into the front is available if you'd like an attachment point or just a more interesting look. Fits from a 12"-18" neck. Main view shows it with the D-ring option along with the matching Wayfarer Chainmail Bracelet and arm bands and a Colorful Slave Bracelet handpiece. ...

WebArt Dancer Tiara in black
Price: $38.50
Item #: W35 -

Tiara is defined as a decorative jeweled headband and this certainly fits the bill. This unusual headwear design adds an exotic look, be it worn with an elegant outfit or dance costume. The dark gleam of the black option would do any goth princess proud while the colors are popular with bright bellydance and Renaissance Fair outfits. An ornate centerpiece of fire polished and Hematite beads adorn the forehead of this gorgeous headpiece. From this, a lace-work of chain drapes its way back. It...

WebArt hand bracelet in amethyst purple
Price: $33.00
Item #: W60 -

This wonderful harem hand bracelet is hand woven of chain and fire polished beads. It's a stunning handpiece, the like of which has never been seen before. The design forms a graceful double arc spanning the back of the hand. It is worn on thumb and three fingers like a demi-glove or glovelette and makes a terrific belly dance or harem costume accessory. Fits from 6"-8½" wrists. See other view with a WebArt bodypiece. Gold and silver colors are made with clear, crystal aurora borealis beads....

WebArt neck jewelry dark blue w/cobalt blue beads
Price: $38.00
Item #: W80 -

This exotic necklace design is perfect for an ensemble which requires a rich, vibrant look. It is a lovely, web of chains and beads handwoven in your choice of color into a unique neck jewelry piece. The center ring is made to rest in the hollow of the neck with the spiderweb radiating outward in a rich display of colored chains with fancy beads woven throughout. The outer ring of faceted fire polished beads are bracketed with the dark gleam of Hematite to enhance the overall color. Adjusts to...

WebArt waist chain in silver-tone w/Steel-lace choker
Price: $44.00
Item #: W45 -

An exquisite belly dance harem-style waist jewelry chain which features an ornate front piece made of fire polished and hematite beads. Its a lovely Renaissance Faire costume accessory but is also popular for fancy dress outfits and to adorn casual ones. The drapes of chains in your choice of color intertwine their way along the belt leading to the beautiful centerpiece of matching faceted beads. Gold-tone and silver-tone belts are made with beautiful crystal aurora borealis beads. It can be...

Deluxe Womens chainmail g-string in metal
Price: $100.00
Item #: F72 -

What fetish wardrobe is complete without the iconic metal g-string? Our deluxe women's Chainmaille G-string is the quintessential metal bottom handcrafted in tight-woven chainmail for comfort and opaqueness. Each link is individually checked for full closure and absence of burrs. The side and back straps are of sewn polyester braid with plenty of stretch to provide a very adjustable fit and even more comfort. Shown here with a -->Blacklock Waist Chain/a>--> and a Crystalweave Chain Bikini Top....